need to fortify your bunker?

Stock up on J's Shotgun Spread: The perfect ammo for flavor, available in bulk for your business needs.

need to fortify your bunker?

Stock up on J's Shotgun Spread: The perfect ammo for flavor, available in bulk for your business needs.

need to fortify your bunker?

Stock up on J's Shotgun Spread: The perfect ammo for flavor, available in bulk for your business needs.

As our wholesale partner, you'll enjoy competitive pricing, flexible order quantities, and attentive service that lets you focus on delighting your customers.

As our wholesale partner, enjoy competitive pricing, flexible orders, and excellent service so you focus on delighting customers.

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why work with us

High-Profit Margins: Our competitive pricing structure ensures you enjoy robust margins, making Shotgun Spread a financially rewarding addition to your inventory.

Speedy Shipping: We understand time is money. That's why we commit to quick turnaround times, so you can get our product on your shelves fast.

Premium Quality: Chef-crafted and bursting with flavor, Shotgun Spread elevates any meal it graces. Our premium quality ensures customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Flexible Ordering: From smaller boutiques to large supermarket chains, we accommodate a range of order sizes to suit your needs.

Personalized Service: We believe in building strong, lasting relationships with our wholesalers. You'll have a dedicated account manager to handle all your needs.

Cold Chain Committed: We adhere to strict cold chain protocols to ensure product integrity from our kitchen to your shelves.

why we are unique

Chef-Crafted: Born in a bustling restaurant, not a lab.

Multi-Use Marvel: From garlic bread to steaks, it enhances any dish.

Quick and Easy: Elevate meals with just 2 minutes of prep.

Zero Hassle: Almost no cleanup required.

Crowd-Pleaser: A surefire hit at family BBQs and gatherings.

Moves FAST: This spread won't gather dust in your fridge.

got questions? We got answers

Frequently asked questions.

Is J's Shotgun Spread produced in a facility that is peanut and treenut free?


Where is J's Shotgun Spread produced?

Gardena, California.

Where can I find J's Shotgun Spread?

You can find J's Shotgun Spread at various grocery stores around your area. User our Store Locator to find one nearest you.

Are there any trans fats in J's Shotgun Spread?

J's Shotgun Spread contains no trans fats. It does however identify as They/Them.

Is J's Shotgun Spread gluten-free?

J's Shotgun Spread is not certified gluten-free. It is certified 100% awesome though (probably due to the fact it isn't gluten-free).

What are the ingredients found in J's Shotgun Spread?

J's Shotgun Spread contains Mayo, Minced Garlic, Dried Parsley, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Ground Black Pepper, Red Chili Flake, Shredded Provolone, Parmesan, and other spices.

What sets Shotgun Spread apart from other spreads?

What sets Shotgun Spread apart? Four things:

  1. Small town heritage

  2. Authenticity

  3. Extreme versatility

  4. Most importantly, we have created a new category and customers love it

Crafted with care at Crush, a top-tier restaurant in Chico, CA, our spread captures the culinary essence of a region known for its rich agricultural roots and cutting-edge breweries like Sierra Nevada and Farmer's Brewing. But what truly makes J's Shotgun Spread a game-changer is its ability to enhance an incredible range of dishes, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary with just a few cups or spoonfuls.

For you as a buyer, the real selling point is its versatility and crowd-pleasing flavor profile, which means quicker turnover and more frequent restocks.

Who are the creators of Shotgun Spread?

We're a trio from Northern California: two professional chefs and a tech nerd. J's Shotgun Spread wasn't formulated in some distant lab but born amidst the vibrant energy of a bustling restaurant. And guess what? We, the owners, are the very same folks who poured our passion into its unique blend and crafted those mouth-watering recipes!


Technology & Marketing:

Chad Alderson

Do you have a distributor?

Yes, we partner with various distributors tailored to specific situations. For a comprehensive overview, kindly request access to our Wholesale Portal.

Is it shelf stable?

Our product requires adherence to cold chain protocols to maintain its integrity and freshness. While it's not shelf-stable at room temperature, we've implemented strict cold chain procedures to ensure it reaches you in optimal condition, ready for your customers to enjoy!

Do you carry this is bulk?

Yes we offer cases (6 tubs in each case), 10 LB bags and 20 LB bags. For detailed information including pricing and MOQs, please request access to our Wholesale Portal.