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got a question or an idea?

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got a question or an idea?

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Frequently asked questions.

Can I order J’s Shotgun Spread to Canada, Alaska, or Hawaii?

Currently, we are only available to stores within the continental US - pick up only.

Can J's Shotgun Spread or foods prepared with the spread be frozen?

Freezing is not recommended, as it may alter the texture and flavor.

How long is J's Shotgun Spread good for after its best-by date?

The product is good until expiration of the use by date - no more than that.

How should J's Shotgun Spread be stored?

Keep J's Shotgun Spread in your fridge at all times.

Can the spread be shipped in extreme (cold or hot) temperatures?

We don't recommend shipping J's Shotgun Spread in extreme temperatures to ensure quality.

Should J's Shotgun Spread be refrigerated after opening?

Yes, refrigerate J's Shotgun Spread after opening to maintain freshness.

Can I cook with J's Shotgun Spread?

Absolutely, J's Shotgun Spread is very versatile and designed to help you create amazing meals quickly and with near-zero mess.

Do any of your plastic tubs contain BPA?

Our plastic containers are BPA-free.

Are the eggs used in J's Shotgun Spread pasteurized?

Yes, the eggs used in J's Shotgun Spread are pasteurized.

Is J's Shotgun Spread kosher?

J's Shotgun Spread is not kosher.

Is J's Shotgun Spread GMO-free?

J's Shotgun Spread is not certified GMO-free.

How can I rep Shotgun Spread?

Great question! We're flattered you're interested in repping Shotgun Spread. Right now, we don't have an official influencer program in place, but we're definitely considering it for the near future.

If you're keen to get involved, shoot us an email at In your email, it would be super helpful if you could provide:

  1. A brief bio including your expertise and interests.

  2. Links to your social media profiles.

  3. Average engagement rates on your social media posts.

  4. A snapshot of your audience demographics.

  5. Some initial ideas on how you envision collaborating with us.

We look forward to hearing from you and exploring possible ways to collaborate!

Got any recipe ideas for me?

Absolutely! The beauty of Shotgun Spread lies in its versatility. Just as the name suggests, it's designed to 'hit' a wide array of dishes with its flavorful impact. Head over to our Recipes page to get started.

What sets Shotgun Spread different?

Its origin and authenticity. J's Shotgun Spread was thoughtfully crafted at Crush, a premier restaurant in Chico, CA. This city, celebrated for the world-famous Sierra Nevada Brewery and the emerging Farmer's Brewing, is nestled amidst lush orchards and expansive rice farms.

Who made Shotgun Spread?

We're a trio from Northern California: two professional chefs and a tech nerd. J's Shotgun Spread wasn't formulated in some distant lab but born amidst the vibrant energy of a bustling restaurant named Crush, located in Chico, Ca. And guess what? We, the owners, are the very same folks who poured our passion into the spread's unique blend and crafted those mouth-watering recipes!

Is it suitable for BBQs?

Is the pope catholic? Are vegans malnourished? Absolutely! Load up J's Shotgun Spread at your next BBQ and watch it elevate your grilling game.

Will it just sit in my fridge after one use?

Absolutely not, it'll go fast! Your family will love it so much, you'll wonder how you ever cooked without it. With its versatility in a wide array of recipes, you'll be reaching for J's Shotgun Spread for everything from quick garlic bread to elaborate weekend BBQs. The real question isn't whether it will sit in your fridge—it's how often you'll find yourself heading back to the store for a reload!

Is it hard to prepare dishes using Shotgun Spread?

Not at all! In fact, it's designed for quick and easy meals. For instance, you can whip up mouth-watering garlic bread in just 2 minutes of prep and 15 minutes of baking.

What exactly is Shotgun Spread?

It's a creamy garlic-and-cheese blend that's been crafted to perfection. Created by chefs, it's the essential ingredient that will elevate your dishes to five-star restaurant quality. Go check out some recipes to see it in action!

Why don't you sell Shotgun Spread online?

We're a small operation, and shipping our refrigerated product directly to doors would require us to increase the price significantly. Cold Chain Delivery, at this time, isn't economically viable for us.

I'm interested in wholesale opportunities. How can I carry or represent Shotgun Spread?

We're thrilled you're considering partnering with us! You're in the right place for all wholesale inquiries. Whether you're looking to stock Shotgun Spread or represent our product, explore this page for all the information you need.